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Definition: in•vig•i•late
1. [v] to keep watch; especially British

What is Envigilator?

Envigilator is an assignment level learning analytics system. Use Envigilator when giving exams or assignments on a PC and gain insights into the methodologies and steps your students take in completing their work. Envigilator is unique in that nothing needs to be installed on any computers and administrator privledges are not needed to run it. Just click the app links and run.

Envigilator News

We are honored to be presenting at the Launch Education & Kids Conference in Mountain View, California. On June 27 at 5:15 EDT / 2:15 PDT you can watch our pitch live.

Only July 11, we will be presenting at The Innovation Showcase in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Why Envigilator?

Students of all ages use computers for entertainment, socializing, and when completing school work. Knowing this, educators give students homework assignments that require students to use computers. Students may be required to use word processors, electronic spreadsheets, graphics arts software, drafting software, chemical simulation applications, etc.

As more and more assignments and exams are completed on a computer, educators have less and less insight into how their students go about completing the work. With pen and paper assignments, educators are able to see crossed out answers and rough drafts of papers. Envigilator captures all of this for computer based assignments without the student having to do any additional work. Envigilator then condenses it down and provides it to the educator in a way that makes it quick and easy to find the student's problems and help them the most.

Envigilator Features

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